Apple's UK managing director Mark Rogers is optimistic that the company will continue to make further gains in UK classrooms.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Scotsman, he described the company - now the number one education supplier in Europe with 15.2 per cent market share - as "very pleased with the progress it has made in education".

The report speculates that Apple may open its own retail stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow, "once Apple can secure prime retail locations". Rogers declined to comment on this.

Chris Braithwaite, a director at real estate company Cushman and Wakefield told 'The Scotsman': "Apple wants to open in the 20 best retail locations in the UK. It has told us just to get on and find the space."

Rogers pointed to the expansion of uses for iPods in education - principally podcasting and lecture downloads.

"It's only in the last few years that we have emerged in Europe, and we're seeing a similar increase in our share in the UK (which stands at 12.5 per cent)," he said.

The 'iPod halo' has driven an expansion for Apple's other products in the sector, said Scotsys managing director John McAleenan.

"The uptake in further and higher education for courses based on Apple technologies has been increasing over the last few years," McAleenan said.

Rogers also sees Apple's consumer products making more impact in the corporate markets.