Apple may release a slew of new Macs this week, but prayers for a video-enabled iPod may remain unmet, it seems.

Think Secret reports "at least four new Mac configurations" will be announced by the company on Wednesday, alongside new iPods but not video iPods.

Sources have gone so far as to claim Apple will upgrade its Power Macs and Mac minis on Wednesday, with some suggesting other Mac models will see what could be the final pre-Intel Mac boost in the company's existing product range.

It's possible Apple will release dual-core Power Mac G5s and finally announce its 1.5GHz Mac mini during the event.

The new iPods will reportedly offer capacities up to 80GB and will be available in black and white. Prices will remain unchanged.

Second-guessing Apple remains a black art, as the company surrounds new product launches with Byzantine levels of secrecy and misinformation.

Speculation also continues to mount claiming the company will reveal a video device.

It is certain the world's media will be watching the company's moves closely on October 12.