Apple is to bring titles from its Apple Learning Series to the UK.

The Apple Learning Series is a collection of kits containing teacher-evaluated software and student projects correlated to educational standards. The company is porting its US titles to other countries, but refining them to reflect the needs of diverse national-education standards.

Through providing complete solutions for education, Apple hopes to generate more sales for its products in education markets outside the US.

Teaching tools Each Apple Learning Series kit comes with an online professional-development course that details the features of the software and provides examples of how each kit can enhance learning. For teachers, there's an Apple Learning Series Preview on Apple's site. Though based on US-education standards, it's a good example of the kind of tailor-made technological solutions for education Apple hopes to sell worldwide.

Apple has nine kits available to US customers, topics covered include Teacher Productivity, Web Publishing, Language, Social Studies, Maths, Multimedia and Science. The company has released two such kits in the UK already – its Web Publishing and Multimedia titles, with versions available for Junior, Secondary, Further and Higher Education.

Student The kits include student projects, step-by-step instructions and directions to online resources. Apple claims its kits are "motivating and rich in multimedia". The software supports productivity, encourages collaborative learning, and promotes problem solving, according to Apple.

The Apple Learning Series cost between £140-£425. Discounts are available when the kits are purchased with a computer.