Apple last night made four key International English software updates available for download from its Web site.

AppleWorks Update 6.1.2, iMovie for Mac OS X (2.1) and the iMovie Plug-in Pack for Mac OS X (2.1) are available now. Also available is the Authoring Support Update 1.1. US English versions of these were made available in late April. At that time, Apple sources confirmed that these were also safe for IE users to install on OS X Macs.

Authoring Support Update 1.1 installs new drivers for iTunes, and Disc Burner increases compatibility and extends the number of supported CD-R drives. A complete list of supported drives is available on Apple's Web site. This update also includes the latest Apple System Profiler, that identifies the CD-R mechanism for external CD-R drives.

The AppleWorks 6.1.2 update is an installation recommended by Apple for customers with AppleWorks 6.1 installed. Apple says: "If you have a version of AppleWorks between 6.0 and 6.0.3 you must update to AppleWorks 6.0.4 before you can use the 6.1 updater." This version of AppleWorks is for Mac OSs 8.1-9.1.

iMovie action
iMovie for Mac OS X version 2.1 is the International English version of the updated application, released in the US last month. This is the complete installation of Apple's consumer-video-editing solution, available for Mac OS X. It's a free 16.7MB download.

iMovie Plug-in Pack 2.1 for International English systems is also available now. This contains a series of effects, titles and transitions that can be used by iMovie on Mac OS X. This version of the Plug-in Pack is only for OS X versions of iMovie, and will not work with previous operating systems.

Reflecting Apple's new approach to supplying updates for its customers, these updates were first available for download using the Software Updates feature in both Mac OS X and previous versions of the Mac OS. By delaying the release of key updaters through its Support Web pages, Apple is encouraging customers to use this feature. Many updates are also made available initially via the software folder in Apple customers' iDisks files.