Apple has posted developers documentation for Mac OS X's input technology.

Apple's fillip for developers needing clear information regarding OS X's input technology (HID Manager) was posted online Friday evening. It replaces Apple's Input Sprockets system.

The absence of these documents has hindered the development of joysticks, gamepads and the release of drivers for older existing models of these. It also hindered the integration of control systems for these devices into games. Until now, the only option open for games and peripheral developers to add support for such devices has been to create their own bespoke software solution.

iTunes plug-in Meanwhile, independent developer Robert Robinson has posted the first iTunes visual plug-in.

The plug-in, which was developed using Apple's recently released iTunes software developers kit, offers a faster transient response, a larger and more immersive display and other original options, says MacCentral.

The plug-in will run under iTunes 1.1 for Mac OS 9.x and iTunes 1.1.1 on Mac OS X. Further information is available from the developers Web site, says MacCentral.