Apple has posted details of 100 sessions planned for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

A session entitled Apple in the Enterprise will give attendees a chance to "Hear from Apple executives how Apple delivers the power of Unix with the simplicity of Macintosh resulting in unparalleled ROI for enterprise customers". Apple says: "This session is ideal for IT managers looking to build the ultimate standards-based network infrastructure in a mixed client world."

An Implementing Speech Technologies in Mac OS X session will "Introduce the Mac OS X speech technologies to those who are not yet familiar with them. For developers already using the speech technologies, this session will provide practical examples of how to provide the best user experience."

A session on Internet Radio In-Depth will teach "all there is to know about the Internet radio business and how you can turn your Macintosh into a professional radio station."

Mobile Experts: An Industry Overview will discuss "the status of high-speed mobile networks, services, and handsets today throughout the world, and how does multimedia play a key role? How will these platforms evolve over the coming months and years? This session provides you with an overview of the latest in mobile technologies and user trends from expert analysts in telecommunications and media."

Other sessions will include an introduction to digital media, audio production using Logic Pro, Cocoa tips and tricks, debugging in Xcode, developing Bluetooth applications, getting to the core of Mac OS X with Darwin, QuickTime in the enterprise, server-side graphics, and the encoding process in-depth.

More than 190 sessions are planned across seven tracks—application technologies, development tools, graphics and media, enterprise IT, hardware technologies, OS foundations, and QuickTime and digital media

WWDC will run from June 28 - July 2 in San Francisco.