Xcode 1.2 is available now for free download from Apple.

Apple's head of developer relations Ron Okamoto told Macworld UK in March that increasing numbers of developers are moving to adopt Xcode, though he declined to name names.

"Many of the top developers are working with Xcode. Not just testing it, but doing real work with it," he said. "We know that some segments of the Mac market have transitioned completely to it for applications building".

He explained that developers are approaching his team to ask deep levels of questions about Xcode. "The dialogue we are having with developers is really into that third or fourth order of functionality within the tool, which means these guys are using it."

Okamoto also promised more Xcode news in future: "Xcode will be a consistent future development theme. We'll talk about where Apple is going at the Worldwide Developers Conference."

Xcode 1.2 offers better stability and an improved user interface. It also offers updates for several of its constituent developer tools.