Apple UK is making it easy for owners of older Power Macs to upgrade, in a drive to boost adoption of Mac OS X.

Its newest offer promises “Money and Power” – it’s an opportunity for older Power Macintosh owners to upgrade their Macs at a substantial discount. Qualifying Power Macs include the 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000-series Macs, and more recent beige G3 desktop Power Macs.

Money for old Macs Apple is offering up to £240 to Power Mac purchasers willing to give Apple their old machine. The offer is applicable against purchases of a new Power Mac G4 or Power Mac Server G4. It’s also applicable to build-to-order purchases. The offer extends until July 31, 2002.

Customers should place their orders in the usual way. Once the Mac is received, they have 15 days to back-up their data and make an appointment with Apple’s logistics partner. Macworld recommends that readers wishing to take advantage of the offer contact Apple before they begin the process in order to ensure they understand what Apple needs them to do, and double-check that their local Reseller can supply their new Mac.

It’s necessary to complete two transfer-of-ownership documents. One is be placed inside a box with the used Power Mac. Apple’s partner will collect the Mac at its own cost. Customers need to send the second document with the original carrier receipt and a copy of the new G4 purchase invoice to Apple’s money-back address. The rebate should arrive 6-8 weeks later, says Apple.

No peripherals such as displays, mice, or keyboards need be returned to Apple as part of this offer. For more information, call Apple on 0870 876 4846.