Apple uses its own products to run its business, says the company's IT chief.

Apple senior IT director Dean Rally said during Macworld Expo: "The Xserve is the mainstay of Apple's corporate data center, with the rack-mounted server being used to deliver Web pages, files and applications, as well as for authentication and security."

Apple also employs its own email, instant messaging and Web browsing products, but admits to using Microsoft Office for the Mac.

Although Apple uses its own Xserve RAID boxes, it also uses storage from IBM and EMC. According to the cnet report, Apple is planning to migrate much of the work to Xserve RAID boxes in the coming year.

The iTunes Music Store and Apple's other Internet services are also powered by Apple's own hardware to power. Rally indicated that Apple's Xserve and Xserve RAID products account for about 75 per cent of the power behind Apple's online efforts, although he admitted: "We do have a few Sun boxes mixed in there as well."

The presentation was designed to demonstrate that Apple products belong in large companies.

Rally highlighted many of the benefits, including lack of viruses: "One of the big advantages of using so many Macs is you don't have to spend as much on security – there are no major viruses that affect Mac OS X."