Apple should be praised for its open response to reported faults in its iPod nano, an leading investment title says.

Motley Fool praises the company for "doing the right thing".

"It's an attitude I believe the company needs to embrace as it becomes more of a consumer electronics company and less of a computer company," the title writes.

"You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar".

Apple this week responded to recent complaints that its iPod nano suffered screen problems.

The company confirmed these reports were true, but stressed that it had identified the fault, recognised it as a quality control problem from one of its suppliers, and enumerated the affected nanos as one-tenth of one per cent of units shipped. And agreed to replace faulty units for free.

"For a company often criticised for having an adversarial relationship with customers seeking product support, Apple's forthright offer to replace any faulty iPod nano is a smart and sensible move," the report says.