Apple UK has withdrawn its "Double your RAM" offer, originally advertised to extend until January 6 – but has slightly reduced RAM prices across the board.

The company originally offered to double the standard-memory configuration installed in professional Macs (Power Macs and PowerBooks) for just £28.20.

This money- and time-saving opportunity was available only to customers buying new Macs through the Apple Store. Apple sources have so far been unable to explain why this offer has been withdrawn a month earlier than originally advertised.

There is some good news for Mac purchasers: Apple UK has reduced some RAM prices.

For example, upgrading the 1GHz PowerBook G4 to its maximum 1GB of RAM normally costs £320 – this has now been reduced to £240 (all prices include VAT). Upgrading the 867MHz model to maximum RAM now costs £320. The 867MHz PowerBook ships with 256MB RAM installed as standard; the 1GHz with 512MB RAM.