Apple has settled the second of three lawsuits with individuals the company accused of leaking prerelease versions of Mac OS X Tiger online.

Apple has confirmed settlement with Vivek Sambhara, who is alleged to have made copies of the beta OS available through file-sharing sites. The company settled similar litigation against recent graduate Doug Steigerwald last month.

The company began litigation against the three defendants on December 21 2004. The company alleged that two versions of the OS were made available in October and December 2005.

Cnet reports statements from Apple. The company said: "Apple has settled out of court with another student who participated in the distribution of Mac OS X Tiger on a file-swapping Web site. Vivek Sambhara has accepted responsibility for his actions and Apple is pleased to put another part of this case behind us."

Apple made similar statements with regard to the previous settlement: "While Apple will always protect its innovations, it is not our desire to send students to jail", it added.