Apple has slashed prices on selected models from its Cube, G4 and PowerBook range in a bid to clear a stockpile of products, sparking rumours that it will release a raft of new products at Macworld Expo.

The 450MHz G4 Cube and the 400MHz G4 Power Mac are both £250 cheaper, now £999 and £899 respectively.

The 450MHz G4 dual-processor Power Mac was £1,749, but is now £1,399. The 500MHz G4 dual-processor Power Mac has been reduced from £2,499 to £1,799.

The 400MHz PowerBook is down from £1,699 to £1,399 and the 500MHz model is now £1,599, down from £1,899.

Prices across the G4 Server range are also being reduced.

The price cuts are designed to help Apple clear an excess of products that caused it to suffer an 11-week inventory in early December.

Pundits also say that the price cuts are a signal that Apple will release new ranges at next week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco.