Apple UK sources have confirmed the company is working on local content for UK users of Sherlock 3, the new version of the application included in Mac OS X 10.2.

Sherlock 3 was demonstrated by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo, July 17.

Introducing the application, he revealed: “We've rewritten Sherlock. This version is all about Internet services.”

Sherlock 3 uses a browser to fetch Web pages. Channels, such as listings information, are displayed in column and pane arrangements. Apple has also separated local file searches from the application.

Macworld Expo attendees were impressed with the application's boosted Web-service features, which included local maps, entertainment listings and telephone directories. However, Apple's international user base are concerned these features betrayed a US slant.

Some non-US Mac users fear that Sherlock 3 may reflect the experience of iPhoto users outside of North America. Such users don't yet benefit from iPhoto's online image-printing services, though this is being “worked on”, and has been for some time.

There are no details available yet as to when UK content will be made available for this component of Apple's operating system.