UK national newspaper The Guardian has published a feature examining how Apple's digital-video technology has democratized movie production.

In the report – headlined Mac, camera, action – reporter Ben Hammersley was inspired by award-winning movie director Steven Soderbergh's work making movies using Macs.

Soderburgh directed Traffic, Ocean's Eleven and Erin Brockovich. His new movie, Full Frontal, is now on release in the US, and was shot on consumer MiniDV cameras and edited with off-the-shelf software on a Mac.

Hammersley set out to create his own movie using a PowerBook G4 and Final Cut Pro, and wrote of the experience, and how Apple technology can open the doors to movie production.

He wrote: "This brand of low-cost, high-art filmmaking now allows professionals and amateurs alike to make movies they could never before have afforded, with a picture quality and ease-of-working previously unavailable, and allows them to be profitable.

"There's a lot of talk about how new technology can democratize, allowing ordinary people the tools to compete with the best, and this is no exception. This stuff allows for experimentation, and the breaking of new talent. Aspiring filmmakers need only spend a few thousand pounds to have the gear necessary to compete for little risk," the report concludes.”