BETT 2002, the UK's educational market place, takes place in the Grand and National Halls of London's Olympia January 9-12, 2002, and Apple will exhibit at the event to showcase its solutions for education.

BETT showcases cutting-edge technology for the education market. This year's show is expected to approach the wider application of such technologies across the National Curriculum.

Focused on video as a teaching aid, Apple will be providing BETT with iMacs running iMovie 2 in the Film in Focus area of the show. iMovie 2 is seen as a key inflexion technology by the company. Apple CEO Steve Jobs' philosophy for video in education is already public. He reflects that classrooms should reflect the age; in the current age, children need the chance to respond and work with familiar stimuli, such as TV; A two-way relationship with TV is as natural for today's children as reading books was to yesterday's young minds, the CEO believes.

The Film in Focus area will contain a full video-editing suite and digital-video cameras. The concept BETT and Apple are trying to hammer home is that kids can now create and present their own video projects in class easily and at relatively low cost. Such projects offer children access to and experience of other disciplines; furthermore, they may inspire young people, motivating many to remain in education.

Apple will also be attending the show as an exhibitor. On display will be all Apple's then current Macs, with software and seminars designed to promote the company in the UK education market. Apple's solutions have already been adopted for the Isle of Man's education system.