Apple will announce its second-quarter earnings results this week.

The announcement will be available as an audio Web cast at 10PM (UK time).

During its first-quarter results announcements, Apple said it "expects (second-quarter) revenue to be relatively flat with the December quarter, and expect a slight profit for the quarter."

Though the Iraq war has undermined consumer confidence, Apple has issued no guidance to say it expects to miss target this quarter. However, investor confidence has also been dented by continued international tensions - meaning that Apple's share value has been hovering slightly above the $14 mark for the majority of the quarter.

The company posted a net loss of $8 million in its first 2003 quarter, though this included restructuring charges of $17 million and $2 million for accountancy transitions. Without these one-off payments, the company might have returned $9 million in profit.

Apple's stock currently stands at a 52-week low ($13.20), following last week's report that the company may acquire Universal Music.