Apple has rebutted claims by Adobe that a PC can out-performed a Power Mac in video post-production tests.

Adobe yesterday published a page entitled PC Preferred . The tests involved a single-processor Dell 2.53GHz Pentium 4, a Dell Precision Workstation 340 and a 1.25GHz dual-processor Power Mac G4. The tests compared how swiftly the machines rendered files created in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Adobe's Web site claimed: "The PC outperformed the similar Macintosh machine at an impressive rate."

Apple, though, told MacCentral last night: "We stand by our claims that the latest Power Macs perform equal to, or better than, competing PCs."

The company added: "The reported tests on Adobe's Web site showing slower performance of After Effects on a Mac than a PC is more an application test than a platform test, and is not indicative of all pro-application performance on the Mac."

Apple also said that its own products - including Final Cut Pro and Cinema Effects - outperform Adobe's video applications on Macs.

Apple and Adobe work closely together, although the relationship has been effected by Apple's decision to compete in the video-editing space, first with Final Cut Pro, then Final Cut Express.

Apple told MacCentral: "Apple and Adobe remain extremely close partners, and have been working together to improve After Effects' performance on the Mac."