Apple is now shipping its updated Power Mac-based G4 Server range.

Three models are available, all featuring dual G4 processors. The models are based on Apple's recently introduced G4 Power Macs. They ship with Mac OS X Server 10.2 and a pre-installed unlimited client license. All models feature 167MHz System bus, four PCI slots, a 4x AGP port (for graphics) and can hold up to four internal hard drives. The models also support two optical drives, carry Gigabit Ethernet and can hold up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM.

The dual 1GHz G4 costs £2,399 and ships with 256MB of RAM, a 120GB Ultra ATA drive, DVD/CD-RW and Nvidia GeForce 4 MX.

The mid-range Power Mac Server features dual 1.25GHz Power Mac G4 processors, 512MB of DDR RAM, a 120GB hard drive, Nvidia GeForce 4 MX, and costs £2,799.

Top of the range sits the £3,644 dual 1.25GHz G4; this unit ships with 1GB of DDR SDRAM, twin 120GB UltraATA drives and a DVD/CD-RW drive. This model also ships with one year's AppleCare service and support.