Apple has released four International English updates to fix firmware in products across its range.

PowerBook Firmware Update The PowerBook Firmware Update 2.4 improves support for using USB-based storage devices, such as external hard drives. The update also lets FireWire storage devices act as start-up disks.

iBook Firmware Update The International English iBook update features support for 256MB memory expansion modules, and also allows an external USB device to be used as a start-up disk.

iMac Firmware Update The iMac firmware update fixes some rare iMac start-up problems. On iMacs running Mac OS 9.0.4 or later, it also allows FireWire storage devices to be used as the start-up disk.

Power Mac G4 Firmware Update The Power Mac G4 firmware update fixes a start-up problem with some third-party memory modules, and a problem recognizing when more than one gigabyte of memory is installed. On some early Power Mac G4 models, the update lets a USB or FireWire storage device - such as an external hard drive - to be used as the start-up disk.