Apple has released Ethernet, Macintosh Manager, Macintosh Management server and Color StyleWriter 4000 Driver International English updates.

The Ethernet update improves the reliability of ethernet in certain "rare" network configurations, says Apple. These configurations are typically 10Mbit networks. The update replaces the Mac OS ROM file.

The Macintosh Manager (1.3) update is used to manage "client" computers over networks. The update offers more stability and some bug fixes.

Macintosh Management Server 1.2.2 fixes a problem in Mac Management Server 1.2 where global and workgroup administrators were unable to log into the administration program.

The final update, the Color StyleWriter 4000 Driver update fixes a known incompatibility with Mac OS 9 software. It will not install in any software version other than Mac OS 9.

International English users are still waiting for an Open GL update.