Apple sure has a funny way of celebrating record-setting holiday quarters. Before the company ended its 2011 kick-off earnings call on Monday, Apple released a pair of software updates for owners of the latest-generation MacBook Air and iLife '11.

First up is MacBook Air Software Update 2.0. This is a small update (less than 1MB) that tackles what is likely a not-so-small problem for some users: an Air's inability to go to sleep.

I haven't seen this issue myself on my 11-inch MacBook Air, but hopefully Apple squashed that particular bug.

iDVD 7.1.1 is a 34MB update that improves stability and brings compatibility for sending slideshows from iPhoto '11 to iDVD.

Though this update targets an issue relating to iPhoto '11, Apple recommends it for all users of iDVD 7, which was bundled with iLife '09 and iLife '08.

Both updates are available via the support pages, but they should also be waiting in Software Update.