A leading IT analyst has published a
glowing report
on Apple.

Entitled, "The continuing renaissance of Apple", Robin Bloor of Bloor Research says that following the return of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs: "It is clear that the Apple innovation dynamic is back in full force and Steve has a number of real business achievements which demonstrate that innovation is the primary business driver of the company."

He lists the vast array of good ideas to emerge from the company, as well as its ability to lead in terms of bringing new ideas to the market, including its iPod, which he says, "must give its competitors in the music market sleepless nights".

Bloor also describes Apple's computers and operating system achievements as "out-innovating the competition in a remorseless way".

The iMac G5 also wins prais, it's "an excellent - almost awesome - product", he says, "it outperforms the Intel competition", and is "phenomenally well-designed".

In a rallying call designed to generate wide support for Apple, he concludes: "The IT industry and the PC industry, in particular, needs Apple to succeed."