Apple plans to release the source code for Rendezvous in an attempt to kick-start its development, the company told MacCentral yesterday.

Rendezvous source code will be released to the open source community next month, the company said. The code is Apple's implementation of the ZeroConf standard from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It lets enabled devices such as Macs and printers be seen and to work together over networks with no need for set-up.

"The DNS responder, the piece that broadcasts the name of a device, is particularly useful on other platforms - it's something a printer vendor could take and run it on their device to advertise itself on a network," Ernest Prabhakar, product-line manager development platforms, worldwide product marketing at Apple told MacCentral.

"We are releasing that piece of source code, which is very useful cross-platform, separately as part of an open source project under the name of Rendezvous. People that want to adopt Rendezvous technology in their product can easily use that and adopt it," he said.

"What we would like to see happen is for companies to embed this into their devices," Brian Croll, Apple's senior director software, worldwide product marketing, told MacCentral.

"It's been relatively difficult to set up an IP network, so we're really attacking a big problem out there by allowing people to build devices that can be put together in an ad hoc network," Croll explained.