Apple has acted quickly to resolve problems identified by Macworld UK readers using the UK iTunes Music Store.

Yesterday, Macworld Online exclusively reported that iTunes users in the UK (and Germany) had faced problems using Apple's UK Music Store. many found themselves "trapped" in the US store, or being told to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes - even though they already had done so.

It appears Apple learned of the problem late last week, and acted immediately to begin repairing it. Engineers at Apple HQ in Cupertino scrambled to identify and repair the flaw, beginning work Sunday.

Late last night, the problem was identified as: "An intermediate caching layer problem with some UK ISPs, specifically NTL," a reader wrote.

A note on Apple's discussion forum says: "Apple is going to work on changing the headers it uses to prevent ISP caches causing this problem in the future."

A reader told Macworld: "Apple was not really to blame for this problem, but once identified the company addressed it quickly."