Apple has published an extensive look at the success story behind the UK's biggest Mac in education scheme in the Isle of Man.

Every primary school on the Isle of Man uses Apple technology to help children learn more effectively and develop life skills. The island has 4,000 Macs across 35 primary schools and complete wireless coverage.

The Island's ICT advisor John Thornley said: "Right from the start Apple technology was exactly what we wanted. It gives even our youngest children the tools to make learning fun. Its creative solutions help to improve their understanding of a wide range of new concepts and ideas".

The island's first Mac was introduced in a single school in 1987. Today teachers and primary school children across the area use Macs.

The report discusses the implementation at Dhoon School, where 62 children have iBooks for home and school use. Teachers there report improved pupil motivation and skill levels: "To see the motivation to learn and to see the skill levels shoot up in such a short time is way beyond what we were expecting", the report states.

Apple stresses the multiple positive impact of such schemes, including in attainment, skill acquisition and educational results.