Maine States iBook scheme has been handed an olive branch, just days after it looked like its expansion into high-schools would have to be postponed for a year.

According to a report in Maine Today, Apple is willing to rent laptops to school districts and defer payments until next year.

Deferring payments by one year would be attractive to schools because in a year local schools expect to receive money for technology through a concept called Essential Programs and Services, according to the report.

However, the report indicates that accepting the deal could be "politically tricky" as the state is said to be facing budget shortfalls, with some suggesting that the high-schools should not be equipped with laptops at the expense of dentistry care.

According to Maine Senator Neria Douglass: "The state is in a very serious economic bind right now where we're not paying for dentures for people. In that context, it's not easy to say we should spend money on the laptop program."