Apple Premium Reseller's including Western Computer are offering a new deal which means customers can secure a free copy of FileMaker's personal databasing too, Bento, with some purchases.

The deal, which extends between 4 April and 2 May, means customers purchasing a new MacBook, iMac, Leopard or iWork 08 will also receive a free copy of Bento.

The deal isn't confined to Western Computer, which stores in Bristol, Cheltenham and Swindon. The promotion is also available from any local Apple Premium Reseller store.

James Collard, retail stores manager for Western Computer, said: "This is an excellent opportunity to get all your data organised. Bento makes it simple to keep track of your information in an easy to use application without needing any understanding of databases.  You really can get started within minutes. "

Bento is a critically-acclaimed personal databasing solution that's developed specifically for Mac OS X 10.5.