Business Week has published an article calling Apple's retail store strategy a "brilliant way for the faithful to spread the word to newcomers".

Titled "Sowing the seeds of Mac mania", the article rebuffs commonplace myths about Macs, such as the adage that the platform cannot attract new users.

The piece cites surveys conducted by Apple and analysts IDC that show 43 per cent of iMac buyers are new to the platform. The surveys also show that 30 per cent of all Mac sales are to first time Mac buyers - and 15 per cent are sold to customers migrating from Windows.

The piece looks at the meaning behind Apple's strategy of opening retail outlets, arguing (with Apple) that high profile retail outlets can only serve to attract attention to the platform, and to attract new users.

The author says: "Jobs has set up his stores like giant mouse traps. Designed to be alluring and entertaining, the stores are located within the migratory path of most shoppers in major cities. You can't help but stumble into one."