Apple's vice president of retail, Ron Johnson, has furnished more detail on the company's plans to upgrade some areas of its retail stores.

The company wants to make more room for iPods and Macs, a Bloomberg report reveals.

The company plans to introduce an 'iPod bar' in future shops, which will also host twice as many Macs and iPods on display, Johnson explained.

"We launched stores with the Mac Genius Bar in 2001 with no real understanding of where the value was in offering that kind of service and support,'' Johnson told Bloomberg. "The service has become a hallmark of what the stores offer.''

As previously revealed, the new design reflects that of Apple's flagship shop on New York's Fifth Avenue. Johnson said that the company has been working on the new design for about a year - it even built a secret prototype store in a warehouse near its Cupertino headquarters, he added.

Apple is beginning its roll-out of the new design with two new stores in Providence, Rhode Island, and Columbia, Maryland.