Apple has detailed its cash-outlays on recent acquisitions in a report filed with the US Security and Exchange Commission.

Emagic, developer of audio solution Logic, was bought for $30 million, while collectively Zayante, Prismo Graphics and Silicon Grail were bought for a total of $21 million.

The cost of motion-graphics developer, Prismo Graphics, and cinema-compositing software developer Silicon Grail, will be amortized over the next three years, while FireWire hardware manufacturer Zayante's price will be amortized over the following decade.

Apple's acquisition of Nothing Real, developer of high-end compositing and visual-effects solution, Shake, will cost the company $15 million in cash over five years.
The release of Shake 2.5 is imminent.

The document also disclosed that Apple is awaiting components it has paid for from an unnamed Asian supplier. In April, the supplier received a $100 million deposit for from Apple for use in its manufacturing in the subsequent nine months.

Apple said that by the end of June, $83 million of the deposit remained unused. However, it was disclosed that Apple expects to the money to be refunded at the end of January 2003 if still unused.