Apple has published documents detailing a series of support issues affecting G5 Power Macs, chiefly confirming that no version of Mac OS X Server is presently supported on the machines.

The company warns: "The Power Mac G5 computer is not supported for use with any version of Mac OS X Server 10.2, or any earlier version of Mac OS X Server. Mac OS X Server 10.3 will be supported on Power Mac G5 computers."

Apple explains: "Power Mac G5 computers require Mac OS X 10.2.7 (G5), which is made specifically for this computer. Mac OS X 10.2.7 (G5) cannot be installed on other computers, and other versions of Mac OS X 10.2 (both server and client) cannot be installed on the Power Mac G5 computer."

Additional affected features Apple has confirmed some other issues, too: The new G5 Macs lack support for third-party Parallel-to-Serial ATA adaptors, meaning that a Parallel ATA hard drive attached to a Power Mac G5 via an adapter will not work. Apple recommends that G5 owners who want to upgrade or add extra drives use only native Serial ATA drives.

The company's Soundtrack application, available as a standalone product since August, also has some teething problems with the new processor. Apple warns Soundtrack may quit unexpectedly after opening the Preferences pane under Mac OS X 10.2.7 on a G5. It says this will follow a users selecting any of the following options in the Preferences pane: Create a new document, Open a previously saved document, or Record Transport. Apple advises that users quit and reopen Soundtrack after using the Preferences pane.

Other teething problems include: muted audio when DVD Player is open and the option for AC3 audio is selected, so system beeps and other audio alerts will not be audible. Apple also admits that its Pro Speakers will not work with the Power Mac G5.

Apple warns the Power Mac G5 will run at reduced speed if the air deflector is not installed properly and advises that after opening up the computer users should make sure the air deflector is firmly in place.

This follows recent news that Microsoft's Virtual PC will not function on Power Mac G5s.