Apple has announced some of the new features it intends adding to the next version of Final Cut Pro.

Speaking at giant European film and broadcast event, IBC, Apple discussed some of the new formats that will appear in the application.

It will support MPEG-2 IMX and Panasonic's P2, reveals Macworld's sister publication, Digit this afternoon.

MPEG-2 IMX is a form of the MPEG codec used in: "Camcorders such as Sony's MSW900 and PDW530, which produces higher quality footage than conventional MPEG-2", the report explains. This is only available in high-end systems from Sony and Liquid Blue.

P2 is a camcorder media format for 2GB and 4GB media cards, as used by Panasonic's AJ-SPX800 camera. Because it's not tape based, the camera offers extra features, designed to help news gathering teams.