Apple has scooped a US PC magazines Reader's Choice awards for a second time.

It's a convincing whitewash in Apple's favour, says PC Mag: "Once again, Apple achieves scores that are far and away the highest for all vendors in our survey, earning Readers' Choices in both desktops and notebooks. For Apple, in both the desktop and notebook sections of the survey, every single score is significantly better than the industry average for Windows machines. No exceptions."

Apple at top of the stack

"Apple's overall score for desktops is 9.2, and the closest competing score, Alienware's, is 8.8," the magazine explains. The company's notebooks also achive a 9.2 score, with closest competitors IBM and Fujitsu taking just 8.4 points.

The report observes that Mac users are martial in favour of their platform, but nevertheless states: "There's solid evidence that Macs may be worthy of devotion."

iMac G5 problems identified

PC Mag's reader survey found that Macs are far less likely to need repairs than most competing systems, though iMac G5s fared slightly less well than the company's other products.

Apple's after sales support does take some criticism, as the company offers limited technical support and does not sponsor a network of engineers equipped to repair faults at end user's homes or offices.

"Still, while we appreciate generous support and repair policies, it's even better to offer top quality products and services, as Apple has done," the magazine concludes.