Apple’s excellence in design has been recognized by the plastics industry, which granted the company a Plastics Industry Award.

The award was presented at a ceremony at London’s Hilton Hotel last week. Apple was awarded the Consumer Product Design of the Year, sponsored by DuPont Engineering Polymers. Apple was short-listed for a combined package of the Power Mac G4, Pro Mouse, and Cinema Display.

Innovation “Apple’s design was in a class of its own, with both design concept and execution scoring very highly. Everything about it, including its packaging, exemplified quality. In the view of the judges, the product’s ability to meet so accurately and consistently the range of scoring specifications meant it was the obvious winner.

The organizers said: “At long last, manufacturing industry, of which the plastics sector is a key component, has been able to give a clear and strong signal that all is not doom and gloom. There is a strong undercurrent of innovation, manufacturing excellence, and management expertise that the winners of this awards scheme clearly exemplify.”

Apple also won three much-coveted D&AD awards yesterday.