Apple scooped two Silvers and a Gold Award at the D&AD (British Design and Art Direction) Awards ceremony in London last night.

Apple's design guru Jonathan Ive flew from the US specially to collect the awards, which were handed out before a crowd of 2,500 at London's Olympia.

The Apple Cinema Display took the Gold Award for Product Design for Work. The PowerMac G4 won a silver in the same category, while the iBook won a Silver Award for Product Design for the Home.

Comedian, writer and avid Mac fan Stephen Fry hosted the ceremony, referring to Ive as "Jonathan God Ive", and offering to lick any "nook or cranny or crevice of anyone’s body" if they would give him a cinema display.

This is the second year running that Apple has walked off with a D&AD gong. Last year, the iMac won the coveted Gold Award - the first time in the Awards' 40-year history that a product design received the honour.

Outstanding Jury foreman Clive Grinyer, who is head of Design at TAGMacLaren Audio, said: "The Apple nominations are each exceptional examples of design and manufacturing, and represent the pinnacle of product design at the beginning of the 21st century – especially the shimmering wide screen cinema display."

The D&AD is a professional association and education charity that aims to set creative standards, inspire the next generation of designers and promote the importance of good design and advertising. The Awards are not easy to come by - there were 17,823 entries this year, and there are four rounds of judging by experts (seven for each of the 21 categories).

Categories include Press Advertizing, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Television and Cinema Graphics, Posters and Packaging Design. The other Gold Award winners were the Guiness television commercial titled "Surfer", and Bjork's pop promo for "All is Full of Love".

The winning entries of six of the categories can be viewed at Apple's QuickTime Web site.