Apple has completed a second noteworthy deal with a major US school district.

Apple technology has been acquired by the Quaker Valley School District in Pittsburg – one of three US districts that in February received a $2 million technology-in-education state grant.

The district has purchased 1,600 iBooks for the students and 70 PowerBook G4s for the teachers. Several G4 Cubes have also been purchased for the school libraries

Under the terms of the deal Apple will supply the PowerBooks for free, and implement the new system at the start of the district's new term. Upgrades to district secretaries' computer systems will also be free.

The district is also adopting PowerSchool's accounting system – allowing teachers and parents to monitor their children's academic progress 24 hours a day. Apple announced its acquisition of PowerSchool on March 14.

The cost of the solution would normally be $5 million – but Apple offered it at half price in order to clinch the deal.

"Every child, regardless of wealth, is going to have a connection to the information society. This is about computers that transcend the school - that go anywhere," the district's superintendent, Gerard Longo told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.