Apple has patched a serious flaw in QuickTime with the release of QuickTime 7.1.6.

The release fixes two issues in the way QuickTime works with Java, the most serious of which could give criminals a way to take over an umpatched Mac, Apple said in a security alert.

"By enticing a user to visit a webpage containing a maliciously crafted Java applet, an attacker can trigger the issue which may lead to arbitrary code execution," the alert states.

The second bug is considered to be less critical, but it could allow an attacker to have a look into the web browser's memory and lead to the disclosure of sensitive information, Apple said.

This latest QuickTime update is available for both Mac OS and Windows users.

Apple's security team has been busy of late. Last week's Mac OS X patches fixed 17 flaws, several of which were considered to be critical.

Apple also fixed a similar QuickTime for Java bug on 1 May, after this flaw was used to claim a $10,000 Mac hacking prize at April's CanSecWest security conference.