After months of bantering about wireless security issues, Apple and security research firm SecureWorks are now working together, the companies confirmed on Friday.

"SecureWorks and Apple are working together in conjunction with the CERT Coordination Center on any reported security issues," SecureWorks said. "We will not make any additional public statements regarding work underway until both companies agree, along with CERT/CC, that it is appropriate."

SecureWorks researcher David Maynor and 'Johnny Cache' made headlines in August when they demonstrated a wireless vulnerability at the Black Hat conference - the pair chose to a MacBook to show the hack.

SecureWorks later updated its website to note that a third-party driver, not the Apple wireless driver was used to exploit the vulnerability.

Maynor and Cache were due to speak at a security event last weekend, but Maynor cancelled without giving reason. He was scheduled to discuss the wireless hack demonstrated in August.

Apple released an update for its wireless drivers last month, but said that no known exploits existed for the issues addressed in the update.