Apple chief financial officer Fred Anderson offered an upbeat presentation to analysts at the Citigroup and Smith Barney-hosted 2003 Technology Conference yesterday, MacObserver reports.

Anderson discussed education and consumer market share increases, government sales and offered snippets of information with regard to Apple products.

He observed that Apple's consumer market share climbed from 1.5 per cent in June 2001 to 3.5 per cent in June 2003, adding that Apple's US education market share had also climbed, from 15 to 16 per cent.

MacObserver reports Anderson's claim that Safari has been downloaded five million times to date. The CFO also told analysts that Apple sold 304,000 iPods in the June quarter for revenues of $111 million, he said. Anderson also repeated Apple's promise to release iTunes Music Store for Windows by the end of the year.

Anderson said that Apple is committed to "controlling more and more points of sale." He was referring to various strategies in which Apple has placed its own employees in third-party stores, such as PC World in the UK.

An audio webcast of Anderson's statements is available in Real Audio and Windows Media formats, but this appears non-functional at present.