Apple has jumped to 6.81 per cent market share of the OS market, according to the latest research from Net Applications.

The figures confirm a slow down in market share in October, which quickly became an increase once Leopard reached retail, driving Apple's slice of the online client market up 3.34 per cent.

Industry watchers may note that 6.81 per cent is Apple's largest slice of the market for a decade, putting the company in second place behind systems from Microsoft.

Apple's iPhone OS also grabbed a slice of share, taking 0.09 per cent within the 'others' category, which also includes PlayStation (0.02 per cent), the Nintendo Wii (0.01 per cent) and the Sun OS (0.01 per cent).

Net Applications surveys sample data from visitors to 40,000 websites operated by its clients. Results should be considered a snapshot of the scene, rather than hard and fast statistical analysis.