Far East computer manufacturers are highly optimistic on Apple’s computer sales this year.

They expect Apple to ship as many as ten million Macs this year.

The company sold 4,534 million Macs in its 2005 financial year. It shipped 1,254,000 Macs in the first quarter of its 2006 financial year. The estimates indicate hope that Apple may even double its industry market share, with sales driven by the iPod halo and the move to its faster Intel architecture.

DigiTimes reports optimism among Taiwan computer makers who manufacture Macs for Apple, with Foxconn, Quanta and Asustek all standing to benefit from the anticipated sales gains.

Foxconn manufactures eMacs and Mac minis, Quanta makes iMac G5s and Intel iMacs, PowerBooks and MacBook Pros and Asustek “has orders for Apple’s iBook models”, the report explains.