Apple has sold its PowerSchool division to UK publisher Pearson.

Apple paid $62 million for PowerSchool in 2001, which is an award-winning student information system. The sale comes into effect on June 1.

As part of the deal, Pearson has agreed to develop educational content for teachers and students that works with iPods. Students will be able to load their iPods with study guides that are aligned with Pearson texts and listen to review notes to prepare for exams.

Earlier this school year, Apple and Pearson collaborated to bring digital versions of Pearson textbooks and workbooks to California schools using a Mac mini.

"Apple's commitment to education has never been stronger, which is why we're excited to broaden our relationship with Pearson," said John Couch, Apple's vice president of Education.

"Our customers will love having Pearson's education content on their iPods, and we're confident that PowerSchool will continue to flourish and grow with Pearson."

Steven Dowling, president of Pearson's School companies, said: "Pearson's commitment is to improve student performance. Student information and achievement results are essential to teachers and families in knowing how a student is doing and helping her make gains. The acquisition of PowerSchool, an easy-to-use application for sharing information, and the alliance with Apple to deliver content compatible with iPod, progresses Pearson's goal to improve student performance."