Analysts expect the first fruit of Apple's carefully developed iPod halo will begin to be felt later this year.

A report on Forbes points out that while Mac sales are up significantly as the company emerges as a consumer sweetheart, sales across the wider industry have also risen, leaving its market share relatively static.

"Though Apple's shipments increased 3.1 per cent to 570,000 computers, according to Gartner, shipments for the rest of the industry grew 13.1 per cent in that same period," the report explains.

However, Apple was not fielding a full range of Macs at the point these figures were assessed, and the debut of Intel-based Macs may drive sales, some say.

Samir Bhavnani, director of research at Current Analysis thinks Apple will "begin rebounding this autumn," the report states.

MacBooks should spur back-to-school Mac purchases, a new link with giant US retailer BestBuy and Apple's BootCamp software may all light a fire – possibly at the expense of Sony, the report speculates.

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