Apple seems set to reject its seasonal June-quarter trend with steady sales.

The release of Mac OS X Tiger appears to have maintained buoyant software sales, with Goldman Sachs calling this, "a meaningful incrementor" to the stock. The analyst predicts a steady period, though warning of "sequential margin declines " at Apple.

Goldman Sach's positive prediction reflects that of Piper Jaffray last week, which said: "Apple's business appears to be solid in what is typically a seasonally slower period."

Piper Jaffray predicts overall iPod unit shipments of 5.5 million in the June quarter, up from 5.3 million in the second.

While the iPod may be driving interest in Apple, there is another factor in the number of consumers moving to the platform, according to AppleInsider.

The latter site points out: "An increasing number of studies are showing that most PC users switching to the Mac platform are doing so because they're fed up with the security and stability woes currently plaguing the Wintel platform."

It cites the Piper Jaffray report mentioned earlier, which itself points to a large increase in the number of Windows users simply 'switching' to the Mac. The majority of these are choosing to buy iMac G5's, the report said, while 15 per cent of non-Apple retail stores describe an increase in Mac sales as a result of Apple's launch of its Tiger OS.

Apple shares stand at $40.56.