Apple has agreed an out of court settlement to a ten-month old complaint against the way it has claimed its Macs display "millions of colours".

Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. A lawsuit (which attempted to be a class action, but failed to attract sufficient litigants for such status) was filed last year by professional photographers, Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley.

They claimed that they had been fooled into purchasing Apple laptops by Apple's claimed support for millions of colours. "The displays are only capable of displaying the illusion of millions of colors through the use of a software technique referred to as 'dithering,' " the lawsuit said.

The complaint centred on claims that Apple uses 6-bit rather than 8-bit representations of colour, applying a technology called dithering to create the illusion of millions of colours.

Apple has issued no comment on the case, which industry watchers last year slammed as being "frivolous".