Apple yesterday announced Shake 2.5, a revision of the 3D-compositing and effects software it acquired when it bought Nothing Real. The product ships in August.

Shake 2.5 is available for Mac OS X, Linux, Irix and Windows. Following its acquisition of Nothing Real, Apple confirmed its intention to discontinue development of the Windows version of Shake after version 2.5. As such, the company is offering existing Shake customers the option to double the number of their existing licences at no extra cost by migrating to Mac OS X.

The product has been used in over a hundred movies, including The Lord of The Rings, Gladiator and The Matrix. Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, observed: “Shake is the industry’s most advanced compositing software used by major motion picture studios and leading visual effects houses,”

Crossover Stressing Apple's efforts to drive migration to Mac OS X, Schiller explained: “Shake 2.5 joins an impressive roster of best-in-class applications – including Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Alias|Wavefront’s Maya – that are helping make Mac OS X the ultimate digital-film and video-production environment.”

Shake is high-performance compositing software designed for large-format productions, Apple claims. It features an industry-standard rendering engine alongside an extensive compositing toolset.

This version introduces an improved image input, a disk-based proxy system and the ability to limit the rendering process to a portion of an image for quicker processing.

Shake 2.5 will be available for Mac OS X for $4,950; with an annual maintenance fee of $1,199. For Linux, IRIX and Windows OS's the application costs $9,900 with an annual maintenance charge of $1,485.

Shake 2.5 requires Mac OS X version 10.2 “Jaguar”, 256MB of RAM, and is designed to run on the following Apple products: Power Mac G4, PowerBook G4 and Xserve.