Sources say that Apple has confirmed recent reports of its plans for the future development of recently acquired 3D compositing and animation application Shake.

Accoring to the source, Apple has broken its customary practice of not revealing future product plans because it believes: "It is important to provide Shake customers with a platform roadmap as Apple integrates Nothing Real."

Apple acquired Nothing Real, manufacturer of Shake and Tremor in February. Following the purchase the company previewed industry-standard compositing application, Shake at NAB 2002. Apple sources confirm the company's excitement at the positive response it received when previewing Shake there.

"We are looking forward to delivering another industry-leading application on Mac OS X soon," sources confirmed.

Recent reports claim that version 2.5 of Shake will be the last version Apple releases on Windows. The Irix and Linux platforms will be supported (and sold) until the end of 2003.

Beyond 2003, Apple will continue to evaluate market requirements for Shake and "strive to provide the best product for our customers."