Apple shareholders are likely to face environmental protestors during Apple's shareholder meeting in Cupertino tomorrow.

The Computer TakeBack Campaign (CTC) plans to continue applying pressure on Apple to take more responsibility for its electronic waste. Campaigners in January protested outside Macworld Expo San Francisco. This time they plan a press conference and protest around the shareholders meeting.

During the press conference, environmental, religious, health and labour representatives will: "Press the company for producer take back recycling and more sustainable products".

Stinging report released

CTC will also release its "unApple - From iPod to iWaste" report into Apple's environmental practices then. The meeting takes place at 9am PST on April 21 (5pm UK time).

Campaigners argue that Apple is not matching the level of responsibility for electronic waste in the US displayed by other companies in the sector, including Dell and HP.

"Electronics including the iPod and other Apple products contain toxics like lead and other harmful chemicals that are associated with infertility and brain damage," the campaigners say.

Apple's action under criticism

CTC notes that Apple has opposed efforts in Maine and Massachusetts regarding local laws forcing manufacturers to engage in computer take-back schemes. They also note that Apple complies with more stringent laws on electronic waste outside the US.

According to the campaigners, 133,000 PCs are being thrown away each day in the US; they estimate that by 2008 the US will have "10.5 million old Macs needing recycling or disposal".

The campaigners want Apple's management to match a move HP and Dell have taken: to sign a Statement of Principles on Producer Responsibility for Electronic Waste; to support laws that make manufacturers responsible for the disposal of electronic waste and to meet with the campaign.