Apple's shares gained value last night, up 82 cents to $22.49 per share from the previous day's trading.

The company's share price has been stable over the past month, with shares trading from between $19 and $23 per share.

Apple's fortunes were bolstered last week when an analyst from US investment-management company, Sanford Bernstein, raised third-quarter earnings and year-end estimates for Apple, citing strong notebook sales.

Notebook driven Expecting notebooks sales to account for more than 60 per cent of Apple's growth, the analyst said Apple's 27 per cent growth margin is achievable.

He warned, however, that economic weakness in Europe may stunt Apple's growth prospects, but a strong US product cycle could compensate for this.

Earlier this week, analyst Dan Miles, from Lehman Brothers, said Apple shares were one of the most attractive in the IT market.

He said: "iBook sales have been very good. The titanium product launch has done very well, and I believe the iMac will be refreshed around summer or fall – which will really push Christmas sales."